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Government Resources

  • British Columbia Noise Law -- Links to provincial Acts and Regulations pertaining to noise. This page will eventually become a much larger list of links, to include Federal, Provincial and Municipal noise laws.

  • Loud Car Stereos -- From the U.S. Dept of Justice Center for Problem-Oriented Policing, this guide provides a wealth of information on combatting the problem of "boom cars". Also available in .pdf form here, for printing and sending to your local police and elected officials. The free Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view this document.

  • U.K. Noise Act (1996) -- the full text of the law governing "complaints of noise from a dwelling at night." Penalties include confiscation of equipment such as stereos. (Incidentally, it has been reported that 10 percent of Britons feel their home life has been ruined by noise.)

  • European Commission's Green Paper on Future Noise Policy -- this 1996 discussion paper is the first step in tougher anti-noise laws in the European Community. You can read a summary on-line, or download the full text in WordPerfect format. Click [EN] for the English version.

  • Environmental Protection Agency (U.S.) -- information on noise abatement.

  • Noise Control Act (1972) -- Title 42, Chapter 65 of the U.S. Code.

  • Vancouver Urban Noise Task Force final report -- issued in April 1997, the report makes many recommendations for making western Canada's largest city a quieter place.

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Other Resources

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Sound Level Meters

Note: Sound level meters like Radio Shack's are useful for approximating sound levels, but for measurements of a more precise nature such as those submitted in legal proceedings, a calibrated professional-grade meter meeting certain ANSI standards is usually required.

  • Ono Sokki -- LA-1200 Series.

  • Radio Shack -- Inexpensive, popular meters for approximating decibel levels.

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