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Book Review

Carol: A Woman's Way

by Kathy Ashby

Publisher's Description

Carol: A Woman’s Way is a story about a woman who dreads the very idea of a proposed snowmobile trail to be built practically in her backyard. It is written as an environmental fiction and in it is a message of hope; that women can get together along with good men and affect a positive change to heal Planet Earth.

Carol knows Earth, the kinks, the flutters, the tingles and the flavours. I believe she is very in tune with her body and when enlightened women are encouraged to bond with their senses they will bond with a oneness to preserve and protect Planet Earth.

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Editorial Reviews

Kathy Ashby has brought us a page-turner in her first novel. We see one woman’s battle for all she holds dear—her husband, her son, her land and her own inner peace. Carol: A Woman’s Way takes the reader on a journey through many emotional heights and depths as a woman finds her strengths and weaknesses and walks through them with passionate resolve. — Judith Lawrence, author of Glorious Autumn Days, Grapes from the Vine and Prayer Companion: A Treasury of Personal Meditation.

"Human technology enables us to explore and exploit new areas ofthe planet. But they are often intrusive and destructive. We have to learn to temper our impulse to seek novelty, wealth and fun at the expense of our environment and wilderness. Whether it’s scuba diving, dune buggies or snowmobiles, we have to keep things in their place." — David Suzuki

The book Carol: A Woman’s Way is a very important fictional account of the activity of women to preserve the environment. Indeed most successful movements have been and are started by women. —Dr. Helen Caldicott

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Books are available through the publisher, DreamCatcher, St. John, NB; or University of Toronto Press.

Publisher: DreamCatcher Publishing, St. John, New Brunswick. Link to Publisher website
ISBN: 978-0-9810721-3-5

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