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Please note: We regret that we have to temporarily halt our very popular, informative Quiet-List, but hope to continue with it in the near future.

An electronic mailing-list for pro-quiet activists. You can subscribe by sending a message to majordomo@quiet.org with the message body "subscribe quiet-list" (without the quotes). If you haven't been on a mailing-list before, this is like a forum or newsgroup, except that all messages are delivered directly to your e-mail address.

Quiet-List Digest
Daily digest of Quiet-List messages. To subscribe send a message to majordomo@quiet.org with the message body "subscribe quiet-list-digest" (without the quotes).

Quiet-List Archive (Under Construction)
-- We are currently in the process of putting our archive of Quiet-List messages on-line. The archive currently has messages through the end of 1997.

Please contact the list administrator, quiet@quiet.org, for subscription questions or problems.

Rainbow Line

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