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Re: Question

In a message dated 97-12-16 12:58:40 EST, rctinc@erols.com (Risk Control
Technologies, Inc.) writes:

<< I think we'll all agree that airplane noise is going to happen, and if
 you choose to live near an airport, well...  >>

There are many problems with this way of thinking...  

Since 1989 there has been a massive increase flights.  ...And capacity is
supposed to double by the year 2008, triple within 20 years.

Airports, with only a couple of exceptions, like Denver, were built at or
before the jet age.  At O'Hare in 1963, I think, operations were about 100,000
with few night flights.  Now there are about 1,000,000, 24 hours, and they
want to double it!

We now know that noise (sound waves) at the level we receive, harms health,
interferes with education and destroys structures to about 20 miles from a
moderately busy airport.  

In the Chicago area, because O'Hare has seven runways built in a circumference
there are few places to hide:  According to the FAA, the distance to live from
an airport if you are bothered by noise, is 25 miles.  According to Airports
Council International, the distance to live away from a flight path is 3-1/2
miles on either side (seven miles).

I have members that live 25 miles from an airport, who can't sleep at night.
I have members who live 50 miles away from an airport, that can't breathe from
the pollution.  It appears that people who are bothered by noise are also
harmed by it physically.

People who live near airports are unaware and uninformed.
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