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Re: Free expression on mailing list


I, also, am a newcomer to the List, don't have a sense of the group's
preferences and don't speak for anyone but myself.

However, as a founding member of Whistleblowers Australia NSW branch,
my experience is that for communications intended to persaude, one
achieves much greater, much longer lasting results, much more quickly
by reasoning clearly, communicating effectively and backing your claim
with evidence ... than by any use of vulgarity and expletives.

Use foul language if you wish - I respect your commitment to freedom
of speech ... but my personal preference would be for your intelligent
comments without expletives.

Best Wishes

> I'm writing this message in response to the fact that one of my posts
> got bounced because of the use of foul language, and felt I would like
> to get a debate going about this and about free expression on the
> group in general.
> [...]

      "Creativity and innovation are measured not by what is done,
           but by what could have been done ... but wasn't"

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