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Re: Question

In a message dated 97-12-16 15:23:01 EST, David writes:

> Keeping music education 
>alive in schools seems like a good way to help keep this sort of 
>"audio-apathy" from growing.   

  My instincts tell me you are probably correct about this.

  My memories of elementary school include a travelling
  music teacher who would come around every so often
  and lead the class in sing-alongs.  We would also do simple
  harmonies such as "Row, Row, Row Your Boat."   In the
  second grade, she even had us singing in French:

    "Frere Jacques, Frere Jacques..." [etc. I never learned 
     to write in it]

 I didn't go to a privileged school.  This was a working-class/
 lower middle class school district in south Oklahoma City.

 For me, the essence of music is MELODY.  I think that
 idea has been lost on a lot of members of the current young
 crowd, who think of the thumping, rhythm-based noise of
 "techno" and "gangta rap" as "music."

 Another watershed experience came from my kindergarten
 teacher, who at times instruced us that it was time to play
 the "quiet game."   We were learning to appreciate the 
 virtues of silence, and to develop the skill of entertaining
 ourselves with our own thoughts and imaginations.

 I wonder how many noise-addicted Generation Xers ever
 had to play the quiet game?

   -- Michael Wright
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