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Re: Measuring noise

> For
> example, a meter showing sound pressure level in dB might register the same
> value for both the noise of a circular saw and for the noise level inside a
> bus, however, there can be no doubt which is the more annoying. Thus I
> don't think that today a satisfying weighting method is available. And will
> there ever be one ?
> Regards
> 			Loc

     Good point. How about a scale that weights lows, mids, and highs 
based on the average person's degree of annoyance? The dB(A) scale 
omits the annoying lows. Some combination of the (A) and (C) would 
probably be an improvement.
    It's interesting that the instructions that come with the latest 
Radio Shack sound level meter advise using the dB(A) scale to measure 
"noise" and the dB(C) scale to measure "music".

 Eric Greenspoon 
  President - NoiseWatch

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