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Re: Measuring noise

Eric Greenspoon wrote:

>    I hope that shortly an international standard is set up to measure 
> sound levels which incorporates distance in the measurement _and uses the

> (C) scale or a scale which weights the lower sound frequencies to be as 
> important if not more important than the mid and higher frequencies.
> After all it is the low frequencies which disturb people when they hear 
> car stereos, home stereos, airplanes, automobile traffic etc.
> I was in an electronic store several months ago and took two sound level 
> measurements. One using the (A) scale and one using the (C) scale. The 
> sound registered approximately 60 dB(A) and more than 80 dB(C). I became 
> a (C) scale convert immediately. The noise was very annoying.


We have to be careful with the weighting to be used for measurement. Yes
Eric in some cases one noise is definitely more disturbing than the other
because it has a lower frequency but you have also the opposite. Everybody
knows that high frequencies are not really appreciated by our ears. For
example, a meter showing sound pressure level in dB might register the same
value for both the noise of a circular saw and for the noise level inside a
bus, however, there can be no doubt which is the more annoying. Thus I
don't think that today a satisfying weighting method is available. And will
there ever be one ?



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