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An open question to all:

I know that many people don't get all fired up over the boom box issue
(even some on our list).  As an example, my Mom doesn't hear
particularly well, so when she's over she doesn't notice the noise. 
Still, others do hear it and -- aside from the Prozac users who seem not
to mind too much at all (I'm not being tastless, just making a point),
the feedback I've received -- especially from women -- is that there
isn't much you can do about it, so why let it bother you.

So here's my question(s): does it actually bother people but they simply
assume there isn't anything that can be done, and thus try to ignore it
-- or do they simply not notice the noise at all, so they can't begin to
understand what the fuss is all about?

I note that most men I've spoken with seem very aware of the megabass
while many women seem less bothered by it (no, I'm not seeking to have
this degenerate into a sexist issue). IMO it has more to do with our
perception of society in that I think society can legislate against this
type of problem while others don't want legiaslation of their freedoms,

So, are people bothered but reluctant to complain -- or just not
bothered at all?


Bob S.

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