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Re: Question

Bob wrote about "boom cars":

>So, are people bothered but reluctant to complain -- or just not
>bothered at all?

I am not sure to know exactly what is a "boom car". Since I am on the list
I have seem this beast quite a lot, always trying to imagine what it could
be. I don't know, Americans are known (well at least in Europe) for their
extravaganza, so is the "boom car" is to stereo what  "jumping cars" are to
shock absorbers ?

Anyway, in France we do have some people that have quite powerful stereos
in their car. So it happens that sometimes when you walk in the streets
that one of these cars overcomes you and you can hear the music. However
this music is acoustically speaking not disturbing as even if levels can be
high, they are melted in the city cacophony. However I noticed that this
kind of person does always have awful taste musically speaking. And I must
confess that hearing "vroooom....do you wanna be my lover.....vrooom" once
spoiled a bit my enjoyment of my pastis outside a bar on a shiny afternoon
of June.

So in conclusion, music from cars is not a problem (yet????) in France. I
don't know the situation in the states but I am sure you will tell me what
all this fuss is about.


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