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Re: Question

In a message dated 97-12-16 02:12:29 EST, Bob S writes:

>So, are people bothered but reluctant to complain -- or just not
>bothered at all?

   This is a tough question.  Again it makes me think of how
   things have changed with cigarette smoke.  Many of us 
   didn't used to be "bothered" when someone lit up on an
   elevator.  That was because we took for granted the smokers'
   presumed "right" to light up anywhere he felt like it.  After
   all, it was his body and his cigarettes.   Those of us who
   didn't like it endured our suffering in silence.  Smokers ruled.

   Now things have changed and smokers are on the defensive.
   That is exactly where they should be.  

   As for your question, some of it might be explained by the
   fact that people don't like to admit to being powerless.  Rather
   than admit that they hate the noise but don't know how to 
   stop it, they just pretend the noise doesn't bother them.

   It might take some skilled behavioral science interviewing
   techniques to get to the root of the matter.

   It also might be true that some of us are just more sensitive
   to noise than others.

         --  Michael Wright
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