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Re: story and purpose

Just logged on to see all those posts! Thanks for your suggestions folks!

>> I subscribed to perhaps acquaint myself with resources for dealing with a
>> corner-store refrigerator motor that hums without ceasing just the other
>> side of my (and my roomates') bedroom wall.

Contacting my City Clerk and getting the noise code is a good place to
start, I think.  I may go shopping at Radio Shack, but I'll see if I can
borrow the equipment you mentioned from Our Fair City. I wondered if this
kind of resource was available.  It may be, as you've mentioned, that I'm
experiencing legal levels but it's worth a try.  As I go along, it will be
good to have the frame of reference you've given me in your posts.

>Let me know if you manage to find an answer.
>Julian Wald.

We'll see!  Might take some time though. Hoops to jump through, etc. and of
course, school starts in January... I'll get the DB numbers then see if I
can come up with a reasonable case to present to the city over the next few
months. Ideally, the store owners will feel motivated to insulate their
fridge more effectively,  or get it checked for its efficiency.

All the best this holiday season,

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