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Re: Measuring noise

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Date:   12/12/97 10:20 PM

RE:     Re: Measuring noise

DAVID,  My apologies for send my previous message (below) before it was
finished.  I had put it in my "out basket" while I searched for another
reference (it placed an alarm clock at 80dB and also listed conversation at
60.) I quoted it in an article I recently wrote for the paper about
bothersome Christmas Music but I can't seem locate it and in the interim I
hit the send button and sent the following message, unsigned.

Writing at 10:49:58 PM on 12/12/97

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>These numbers seem kind of high to me.  My reference source (1981 
Encyclopedia Britannica article "Acoustical Engineering") rates "quiet 
conversation" at 30 dB, "ordinary conversation" at 40 dB and "noisy 
office, telephone conversation, ordinary traffic" at 60-70 dB.


This particular set of figures came from the EPA Joural on Noise and the
Environment, Vol.5, No. 9, Oct. '79.  The  pamphlet "Noise, Ears and
Hearing Protection" dated 8/88 from the American Academy of Otolaryngolgy
lists a whisper at 30 dB, normal conversation at 60, a lawnmower at 90.

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