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Re: NoiseWatch

In a message dated 97-12-11 23:40:19 EST, Eric writes:

>On December 4, 1997 the Citizens' Coalition Against Noise was 
>renamed to NoiseWatch

   Actually, I liked the old name better.  It says exactly what
   your advocacy is.  You are against noise.   "Noise Watch"
   strikes me as kind of vague and ambiguous.   Exactly how
   does anyone go about "watching" that which is heard but
   not seen?

   One of the problems of our times is reduced attention spans
   for digesting the written word.  This I believe is related to the
   dependency on noise-making devices such as stereos and 
   TVs.  In this context, the fact that you decided you had to
   reduce the number of words in your organization's name by
   50%, in order to have a chance of going over with the public,
   is sad indeed.

     -- Michael Wright   
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