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Re: Dealing With Noisy Neighbors

In a message dated 97-12-01 12:20:03 EST, Federico says:

<< we must  rely on some "objective" criteria which are 
  unbeatable on court. Those criteria haven't yet been established.

  OK, so a law enforcement agent can come in my house.
  and hear the noise himself.   Then we have two people who
  can testify in front of a judge.  Why isn't that "objective" enough?

  The other day I was talking on the phone to a court-appointed
  mediator who deals with noise cases.   Meanwhile, two nuisance
  dogs nearby were barking their heads off.  I opened the window
  and brought the phone closer to it.  She admitted that she could
  hear it plainly.  I asked her to make note of it, in the event I should
  decide to file a complaint, which in my community would be
  routinely referred to mediation.

  Why isn't that "objective" enough?

     -- Michael Wright
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