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story and purpose

New to this list. Posting in response and support of the absurd yet
pathetic story of renters without recourse put up by "NoiseWatch". Aaaach.

I subscribed to perhaps acquaint myself with resources for dealing with a
corner-store refrigerator motor that hums without ceasing just the other
side of my (and my roomates') bedroom wall.

Can we measure decibels in some way? What is the name of the device that
can measure this? Is there a zoning code being violated with this unceasing
noise or are we doomed to endure it?

>From my experience so far, my landlady is a nightmare and the store owners
selfish and uncaring. Is there legal support available or a technological
means to cut down on the noise I experience with this machine? Any
suggestions are welcome.

With the dream of a more silent urban environment,
I remain,
San Francisco (The Mission)

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