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Re: My letter re restaurant music

STEPHEN O. FRAZIER <SFNABQ@compuserve.com> wrote:

> Michael....they may think they "know" this but it ain't necessarily
> so! In an extensive study in a popular Houston restaurant, a study by
> a Marketing Professor from Western Kentucky State Univ. (Millman -
> 1984) found, "With the slow music treatment, the average dollar amount
> of the bar charges per customer group (dinner table)was $30.47,
> compared to $21.62 for those under the fast-music treatment." People
> ate and left more quickly, with fewer drinks when the fast music was
> played.  The greater turnover did not, however, make up for the lost
> and very lucrative bar tab.

I would guess that if they work that hard at getting great turnover, they 
wouldn't be particularly popular on the return customer stakes either.

Maybe an anonymous campaign of slipping copies of Millman's / Smith and
Curnow's papers under the doors of appropriate restuarants would have
the desired effect.  


      "Creativity and innovation are measured not by what is done,
           but by what could have been done ... but wasn't"

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