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Re: My letter re restaurant music

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>Maybe an anonymous campaign of slipping copies of Millman's / Smith and
Curnow's papers under the doors of appropriate restuarants would have
the desired effect.  <

Actually, at their next monthly meeting, that is just about what will be 
proposed to the local chapter of SHHH (Self Help for the Hearing Impaired).
 Like the cards given out by Pipedown and other groups, they can give out a
one page synopsis of these studies to the manager at any business where it
might seem appropriate.  Also to be suggested are cards that list the SHHH
organization and then say, "TO THE MANAGER-I found it very unpleasant to be
in your establishment because of the loud music.  With or without hearing
aids, the hearing impaired have difficulty communicating with your
employees when the music is so loud.  PLEASE TURN IT DOWN".

I would prefer to say "PLEASE TURN IT OFF" but there is a much better
chance of getting it turned down than off and 1/2 a loaf is always better
than none.

Also on the agenda - a push to revise the city noise code to control the
volume of "background music" in such privately owned "public areas" as a
shopping mall concourse.  The Palo Alto code places restrictions on
electronically  produced sound  both on public and private property and
there's no reason some restrictions can't be instituted by other
communities.  If the law can require ramps, Braile lettering etc. for the
handicapped, then the law can require some degree of noise control for the
hearing impaired.

Writing at 2:26:18 PM on 12/7/97

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