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Re: My letter re restaurant music

In a message dated 97-12-05 22:06:39 EST, S FRAZIER

> "With
>the slow music treatment, the average dollar amount of the bar charges per
>customer group (dinner table)was $30.47, compared to $21.62 for those under
>the fast-music treatment." People ate and left more quickly, with fewer
>drinks when the fast music was played.  The greater turnover did not,
>however, make up for the lost and very lucrative bar tab.  

  This is interesting.  Maybe there's hope.  

  The question is:  if the fast music doesn't help sales, why
  do they play it?  To please the employees?

  If so, my guess would be that the employees are the young
  noise-addicted types who need the added audio stimulus.

  Studies of this nature need to be controlled for age of the
  clientele.  The fast-music treatment might yield more dollars
  when the clientele is younger.

         -- Michael Wright
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