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Re: "Quality of Life" and Violent Crime

In a message dated 97-12-27 02:17:37 EST, Bob S writes:

>Lately I've been wondering where you go to get peace and quiet. 

 The University of Oklahoma library is one of my escapes.

 Unfortunately, the Norman Public Library is dropping its ethic
 that libraries should be quiet.  They let the small children in
 the children's room make all the noise they want. I even saw
 a kid standing in one of the chairs.  Granted, making noise goes
 with the turf of being a child, but kids need to be taught that a
 library is a place where you have to be quiet.

 When I made these points with the librarian, she just nodded
 and smiled sweetly, but told me that certain "concessions" 
 were necessary in order to motivate the kids to be interested
 in the library.  

 I found the encounter to be shocking and appalling.

 When a library has to become an un-library in order to maintain
 itself, something is being lost, and it is escaping the librarians'

   -- Michael Wright
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