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Re: "Quality of Life" and Violent Crime

Sorrento95 wrote:
> In a message dated 97-12-26 15:04:33 EST, Federico writes:
> >Noise pollution, for instance, affects more the rich than the poor,
> >because the rich expect a quieter environment, while, paradoxically,
> >they live in zones where the activity is more frantic, there is more
> >action, more traffic, more noise-generating appliances and noisier
> >recreational activities.
>   Well, this might be the case for Argentina.  I am not so sure
>   this is the way it is in the USA.
>   Here, the rich can afford homes in quiet neighborhoods removed
>   from the busy streets and highways -- so they don't have to hear
>   the roar of traffic and loud motorcycles.   The super-rich are even
>   building gated communities for themselves.  An electronic passport
>   is required to even drive on the streets of these gated areas.  I
>   expect they probably have strong quiet rules for these communities.
>   The rich can afford large acreages in the rural areas, where they
>   can insulated themselves from their neighbors' noise.
>   They can afford homes with better sound  insulation.  I think the
>   rich probably suffer much less from noise pollution than the middle
>   class and the poor in the USA.   When the problems get so bad that
>   even the rich are troubled, then maybe something will be done about
>   it, since they can afford large campaign contributions for the politicians
>   who write the laws.
>   The ghastly prediction arising from this perpsective is that me might
>   have to suffer a lot louder noise levels before something legislatively
>   is done to make it quieter.

Michael, my web address is above (as req'd).

Anyway, I completely agree with you on this.  Now, guess who makes
policy as it applies to America?  If you answered, rich people living in
quiet secluded and safe places, go to the head of the class.  Yes, some
live in DC where noise is not exactly contained, but the majority live
in Georgetown or fancy digs around the capitol where they're ensconsed
in well being and privacy.  This is the same problem we have with the
justice system: when those making laws aren't impacted by their lunacy,
they go right on making laws that work in glass houses and vacuums, but
all too often kick the ** out of our (the rest of us) collective

Lately I've been wondering where you go to get peace and quiet. 
Inevitably I conclude that you need significant acreage with ample trees
to act as sound buffers in case anyone gets close enough to make an
impact with their boom boxes.  The alternative is to live in a well kept
community that writes bylaws that address sound and noise.  Even so, you
can't stop passersby from doing damage.

Tonight I had the marvelous experience of visiting my friend in Chester
County.  He moved to a brand new community about 7 years ago, during
which time the trees have grown taller, the community has taken on its
own life, and growth in Chester County has spiraled out of control. 
Here's what I noticed tonight.

The four of us stepped outside and looked up at the stars.  Clear night,
yet I noticed the stars weren't as bright as they once seemed.  As we
walked away to the car, I noticed something I hadn't heard before:
noise. Specifically, the noise of traffic. Seems the building in the
area has resulted in the natural buffers (trees, mounds, hills) being
torn away, and now the rushing of interstate traffic courses through the

His kids, as most in the area, are about 3 years from being teenagers --
a good 6 or so from driving.  Tonight, both his kids (both very well
behaved) spent the better part of the evening with headphones strapped
on.  No, they weren't listening to rap, but the logical extension of all
this hits close to home.

I asked him whether he'd experienced the joy of amplified stereos (other
than when he works in town).  He said no, and he could have no
appreciation for what I go through.  He finds it hard to believe that I
deal with this problem daily (he spent many years coming by to visit and
remembers this as a small town of peace and quiet).  I asked him what he
would do if he had the same problem.  He said he'd call the township --
when I told him his township probably didn't have a mechanism to deal
with it, he said he'd push to have a tougher ordinance written.  I
smiled and said, "good luck."

To one and all, the amp stereo fest has not stopped for the winter.  It
has, in fact, become WORSE (no trees to buffer sound that travels
further in cold weather).  The cops are of little help, the township is
sticking to its head-in-the-sand approach, and I've lost more sleep than
you can imagine.  As I write, its 1:42 AM and the doof doof just started
again.  On Wednesday morning it was from midnight til nearly 2 at
alternating intervals.  Calling the police is virtually useless as the
kids seem to always leave moments before they arrive.  Whether this is
because they are tipped off or utilize a freq scanner, I'm not sure. 
But they're gone when the cops get around to making a pass through the

So the problem, if anything, has gone from bad to worse, and the summer
is coming.  I, naturally, intend to be moving away from my home to one
of those so-called "quiet" places.  Home for 30 years will be left
behind because the doof doof idiots couldn't be stopped by the people
who live in quieter neighborhoods where they are safe from this

What a happy holiday season this has been for my family.  Hopefully, the
readers on this list have fared far better and to all of you I wish a
happy and peaceful New Year!

Bob S.

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