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Re: "Quality of Life" and Violent Crime

In a message dated 97-12-26 15:04:33 EST, Federico writes:

>Noise pollution, for instance, affects more the rich than the poor,
>because the rich expect a quieter environment, while, paradoxically,
>they live in zones where the activity is more frantic, there is more
>action, more traffic, more noise-generating appliances and noisier
>recreational activities.  
  Well, this might be the case for Argentina.  I am not so sure
  this is the way it is in the USA.

  Here, the rich can afford homes in quiet neighborhoods removed
  from the busy streets and highways -- so they don't have to hear
  the roar of traffic and loud motorcycles.   The super-rich are even
  building gated communities for themselves.  An electronic passport
  is required to even drive on the streets of these gated areas.  I
  expect they probably have strong quiet rules for these communities.

  The rich can afford large acreages in the rural areas, where they
  can insulated themselves from their neighbors' noise.

  They can afford homes with better sound  insulation.  I think the
  rich probably suffer much less from noise pollution than the middle
  class and the poor in the USA.   When the problems get so bad that
  even the rich are troubled, then maybe something will be done about
  it, since they can afford large campaign contributions for the politicians
  who write the laws.   

  The ghastly prediction arising from this perpsective is that me might
  have to suffer a lot louder noise levels before something legislatively
  is done to make it quieter.

   -- Michael Wright
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