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Re: Measuring noise

Hi Federico,

> Today, 
> major community noises are those coming from traffic, aircrafts and
> so-called "modern" music. All of them contain unbalancedly large amounts
> of low frequencies, so the scale to use nowadays should probably boost the
> importance of low frequencies.  


> To summarize, we should no longer stick to the concept that a single
> figure is able to account both for hearing risk and annoyment. We
> should start to acknowledge that not only hearing-damaging noises are
> annoying. 

  Beautifully put! I hadn't thought of noise measurement in this light, 
but it makes perfect sense. I would rephrase your last sentence to 
something like:

 We should start to acknowledge that loud noises damage our hearing but 
noises at any sound level can annoy and cause stress-related illnesses.

  Happy Holidays to all!

 Eric Greenspoon 
  President - NoiseWatch

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