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Re: My letter re restaurant music

Here's the text of the letter I wrote to the local "alternative" newspaper.

Dear Sir:

I was pleased to read [the restaurant reviewer's] comments on loud music in
a restaurant.

How many restaurant owners have actually polled their customers to see if
they enjoy the background music? How many customers really want loud music
— or any music — when they go out to eat? How many people actually walk
away from the restaurant, because of the noise, or leave before dessert?

I would never go into a loud restaurant, even if the food is reputed to be
superb. In fact I know of people who have stopped going to restaurants
entirely, because of the noise. 

I have a hunch that the choice of music is left to the servers, who inflict
their tastes on customers. Maybe it’s time for restaurant owners and
managers to give some thought to this issue. And restaurants that provide
an ear-friendly “soundscape” should advertise their advantage. 

Yours truly,

Kathleen Hamilton
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