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Re: Measuring noise


> Thus I don't think that today a satisfying weighting method is available. 
> And will there ever be one ?

You are right. No single frequency or time weighting has been already
developed which can account succeedingly for every noise annoying
situation. This is the reason why there are so many different
weightings: A, C, D, E, fast, slow, impulsive, peak, etc., each for a
different kind of situation.  

I think much reserch is needed regarding this issue, not only with the
objective of providing a single-figure assessment tool, but also to
uncover the physical reasons behind the annoying nature of noise.  

I think that noise may be bothering because of several reasons: its
spectral quality (or frequency contents), its unexpectedness, its
information contents, the interference with various activities (speech, 
for instance), etc.

This variety of attributes makes the problem of selecting a single
figure capable of expressing the annoying potential of noise
extremely difficult.

It's clear, however, that different concurrent techniques should be
built into a single algorithm in order to get that single figure. It's
also clear that such a figure wouldn't be a function of the acoustic
signal only, but of other "environmental" and "subjective" information as

Best regards,

Federico Miyara

PS: Merry Christmas!

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