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Re: Dealing With Noisy Neighbors


Sorry for answering this message so late. I've been pretty busy lately.

> In a message dated 97-12-01 12:20:03 EST, Federico says:
> << we must  rely on some "objective" criteria which are 
>   unbeatable on court. Those criteria haven't yet been established.
>   >>
>   OK, so a law enforcement agent can come in my house.
>   and hear the noise himself.   Then we have two people who
>   can testify in front of a judge.  Why isn't that "objective" enough?

I think that any assessment of a given situation involving people is
necessarily subjective. Suppose the agent has been previously assessing a
far more strong aggression than the one you are suffering, and that,
moreover, your case is frankly doubtful. Quite likely the agent will
consider that your case doesn't require law enforcement at all.

You can think of dozens of situations in which the agent's opinion may
differ with his/her own opinion in other situations. We humans are too
influentiable to be absolutely reliable. 

I myself, for example, would be far more sympathetic with a noisy
neighbour polluting with classical music than with rock and roll, so if
I were a law enforcement agent I would tend to be more indulgent or
permissive in the first case, even if the sufferer hates clasical music.

The problem doesn't arise in the clear cases, but in the limiting ones,
those which are on the boundary between acceptable and unacceptable
noise immisions.   

Best regards and Merry Christmas!

Federico Miyara

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