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Re: Stop County from removing sound barrier?

Andrew wrote: 
> My neighbors and I have a situation with a county road being 
> four-laned with a tremendous increase in traffic to a newly 
> constructed mall. The sound barrier tree line between us and this road 
> is being cut down by the county.  None of us are familiar with what 
> our rights are and what we can do about this problem.  
> Please help!   Thanks!

Dear Andrew,

What was the noise situation before the traffic has been increased ?
Because a tree line will never act as a sound barrier, the only advantage 
is to hide the noise source which first of all is not what we could call a
nice view, and
secondly have a little subjective effect in reducing the impact because the
noise is hiden, but that's all you can expect from trees.
If you want acoustic protection, you will have to ask for a sound barrier
and not for the trees to be saved. 

Good luck

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