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Measuring Noise

Chris England's memo on the rating of noise reminded me of an
interesting article in the November 30, 1995 issue of *Country Life* [UK]
based on similar research undertaken by the Council for the Protection of
Rural England [Warwick House, 25 Buckingham Palace Road, London
SW1W 0PP,  UK  tel (0171) 976 6433; fax (0171) 976 6373].
The article illustrates the erosion of *tranquil zones* by roads, airports,
industry and urbanisation using two sets of maps dated early 1960's and
early 1990's.  Unfortunately the CPRE doesn't have a web site but a good
library might have a back number of the above mag. It makes interesting if
worrying reading!
Regards ...

John D'Arcy-Evans
tel.:     (021) 400 3860
fax:     (021) 419 7096
E-mail: jdevans@ctcc.gov.za

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