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Re: My letter re restaurant music

In a message dated 97-12-05 04:53:31 EST, you write:

>I have a hunch that the choice of music is left to the servers, 
> who inflict their tastes on customers. Maybe itís time for
> restaurant owners and managers to give some thought to
> this issue.

  I think you are probably right about your hunch, to some extent.
  Restaurant personnel are often young people who are noise-
  addicted because they've been around TVs and stereos since
  infancy.   On the other hand, some of the clientele are the same

  As for managers giving some thought to the issue, I'm sure they
  already have.  This is particularly true of places which depend on
  liquor sales for profit.  They know that certain kinds of audeo
  stimulus, which you and I find to be irrititating junk noise, boosts
  liquor sales.   In some restaurants they know they can turn the
  tables over and prevent people from lingering, relaxing, and
  conversing after a meal if they crank up the stereo with an
  irritating recording.

  I think we quiet advocates need to start reading the trade
  journals of the restaurant and bar industry if we really want
 to know what's going on.

  -- Michael Wright
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