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Re: Re Free expression on mailing list

In a message dated 97-12-19 01:20:12 EST, Peter writes:

>I can tell you that when I approached the Speaker of the
> B.C. parliament to propose that he institute volume guidelines
> for events on the grounds, he told me that he felt any such
> limitations would be regarded as an infringement on free speech.

  Well, I don't know enough about how Canadians view the
  principle of free speech to make a comment, but if a US
  lawyer, legislator, or judge took such a position I would 
  find it ghastly.

  We need to start emphasizing the idea of free speech is
  a two-way street which also involves the fact that members
  of the potential audience have rights also -- including the
  right not to be forced to hear that which they wish not to

  Back when Thomas Jefferson and the boys were drafting
  the Bill of Rights, there were no amplifiers to torture
  people with unwanted noise.  Too bad. I think they would
  have been wise enough to write in some safeguards against
  noise abuse.

   -- Michael Wright
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