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Re: Sum it up

   Regarding personal experience in trying to work within the system 
to get noise laws enforced, I've found it frustrating too.  I think 
the situation you described might have worked out better if there had 
been *at least* one other person with you to complain as well.  You 
are probably not the only one on your block who wants this illegal 
activity to stop.  If you can find *at least* one other person who 
feels as you do and can get them to stand with you in demanding 
enforcement, I think your police department will probably issue a 
citation, or at least give you a better explanation as to why they 

   It seems that in any case short of physical injury or theft, the 
police almost never issue a citation based on a complaint brought by 
an individual, even when there is clear evidence that a law has been 
broken.  I don't know if it's official policy or just human nature,         
but it seems to be true wherever you go.

   I'd really like to recruit some member of the law enforcement 
community onto the list who could perhaps give us their perspective 
on these issues and perhaps advise on how best to go about getting 
noise laws enforced.  Anyone have any ideas on where to look (on the 
'net) for potential recruits????  I'd really like to pursue this.

David Staudacher - quiet@igc.org

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