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Sum it up

Well, there have been some well thought out responses to my question(s),
and they seem to coincide with conversations I've had around here with
various people.


1.  Young jerks tend to become older jerks.
2.  Most of the boom-car thing is done by young pups
3.  Boom car boys like the power/attention they get from blasting music
4.  Men and women alike are bothered by boomers
5.  People don't complain because they feel it won't do any good
6.  People would probably complain if they felt it would help
7.  Most police departments don't even know what their noise ord says
8.  Most noise ords have no teeth, hence complaining is a waste of time
9.  Smarter/more intelligent people are bothered more by noise
(apparently it detracts from their ability to concentrate)


A personal experience:

Last week the boys down the street installed amplified speakers in their
car during the afternoon then tried them out.  Result: room rocking bass
for 40 minutes while I try to work.  

So I call the cops, figuring they can at least get them to disperse. 
Long story made short, I leave a message for the Township Manager.  One
hour later (20 minutes after the boys have split), a cop comes to the

We talk, he asks where the activity occurred.  I tell him 2 doors down
at the corner -- give the name of the owner.  [This is the classic
mid/upper middle income suburban notch, so 2 doors means about 35
yards.]  He acts a little puzzled, requests that I come outside with
him.  Once outside in full view of all, he asks that I POINT at the
location at issue.  Satisfied at last, he gives advice:

Bad idea to call the cops.  See, they show up in their car and the bad
kids see that.  Then they see him with me and see me pointing
and...well, now the bad kids KNOW who complained.  And, ya know, the bad
kids might get PO'd and do some kind of VANDALISM on your home when
you're away.  And that would be a shame.  Sir.

Having a long history in law enforcement, I had to suppress outrage and
laughter at the idiocy of the moment, but I did ask him when I could
complain and expect to get relief.  He told me he didn't know when the
noise law went into effect (the hour of the evening), but I could call
to find out.  Thank you, sir.

Now, keep in mind this is an upscale suburban neighborhood -- one of the
best (according to the magazine surveys) in all of PA -- and I'm a home
owner...and this was how I was treated.  I have a letter headed the
township's way in which I'll be asking how they expect people to
complain about ANYTHING if they can't be assured anonymity.

So, let's add #10: the cops really could care less - 'cause they have
more important things to do.  Which, of course, comes as a surprise to
my police friends in other cities.  They ask this: when all you have in
a town is mostly traffic fines and accidents, why the hell can't they do
something about this.  It ain't New York or Philly, for crying out loud.


Final point: I've asked NoNoise if they could get back to me on
something I read earlier.  Specifically, in 1996 Cleveland apparently
had an ordinance in place that enabled officers to ticket the offender
and remove the stereo system/speaker/ etc.  Last I read, the ACLU was
having a nervous breakdown, which usually means the good guys are
running for cover under threat of lawsuit.  Anyone here from Cleveland
and/or know more about this?  

Well, that's a ton of stuff for one sitting, but I need to stay up late
before trying to get sleep...its pointless here until after the boom
boys have returned to their caves.  Thanks for listening/sharing/caring!

Bob S.

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