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RE: Re Free expression on mailing list

If "free speech" arguments are being seriously made by anyone
on behalf of the boom car boys or similar noise-makers, I would
be dismayed.  I would also be curious to know who is making
this argument.

  -- Michael Wright

I can tell you that when I approached the Speaker of the B.C. parliament to 
propose that he institute volume guidelines for events on the grounds, he 
told me that he felt any such limitations would be regarded as an 
infringement on free speech.

This is kind of ironical in Canada, where the doctrine is that you  have 
free speech only until you offend someone, and where at the recent APEC 
summit in Vancouver, protesters were not allowed within half a mile of the 
various dictators in attendance. But that's another story.

On the obscenity thing, I don't much care for automatic responders that 
filter out messages like Sean's. I was recently disallowed from joining an 
online gaming session because I chose the moniker Ammianus (one of my 
favourite historians). Figure it out. It's a matter of context, and no 
automatic filter can make the judgment.

- Peter

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