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Measurement, Etc

Michael Wright queries the British Government research initiative into
environmental noise:
The Departments involved are the Dept of the Environment, Transport &
the Regions (DETR) and the Department of Health (DoH).  Env Minister
Angela Eagle is quoted as saying *We also recognise the need to take
seriously the proposition that, in the longer term, a noisy environment
may have adverse effects on health.*  Minister for Public Health, Tessa
Jowell [cheers to the women for their efforts!!] is quoted *....peoples lives
are being ruined by noise.  In some cases they cannot enjoy the peace
and privacy of their own homes.  This may be having a bad effect on
their health.  That is why this collaboration with DETR on research into
the health effects of noise is so important.  We intend that Government
action in this area will be guided by evidence.*  The article from which I
quote says *Experts are concerned about the possible health effects of
environmental noise, but there has been no clear-cut evidence to date to
either prove or disprove direct long term effects.*  [!!]  However accurate
that statement, we may be grateful that at least one credible government
is prepared to fund further research.  The outcome should have the ring
of authority which can only be helpful.
Thank you for your response, Chris [England].  Problem is the more
technical the analysis, the less can one rely on the law enforcement
official who probably has no more than an indifferent secondary
education.  Coupled to which, the Courts have not the foggiest idea what
a decibel is, let alone sophistications like A weightings, impulse
responses, logarithmic laws, etc!  I - and my Noise Enforcement
colleague - happen to be law enforcement officers [David Staudacher
please take note: you have one on the List already! - although I'm not
from the N. American sub-continent] but we are the exception here in
that both of us involved in these issues have an appropriate tertiary
education.  Further, I suspect that the psycho-acoustic impact of base
beat would defeat any attempt to quantify its effect on an individual by
sound level measurement, but would be interested to study your
The major problem with enforcement is the attitude of the courts.  They
likely don't understand the issues involved and don't seem to take them
seriously.  No law enforcement agency can afford all the PT required for
court action if a back pocket fine is the outcome!  The most effective
remedy seems to be vociferous [!] public outcry, action groups and
Regards ...

John D'Arcy-Evans
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