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Re Free expression on mailing list

Here follow four extracts from Sean Conlon*s e-mail with my additions in double brackets:
A)... I too, am beginning to feel that I have to "walk on eggshells" to avoid offending
people ((with my loud music etc.));
B) If there are other people who feel intimidated or uncomfortable about expressing themselves ((by playing their music as loud as they like)), then I think that is a major problem;
C) I also feel that people should be able to ((play whatever they like, as loud as they like)) in the manner in which they choose;
D) There should be no constraint of any kind on the expression of people's ideas, ((including how loud they play their music)).

Let*s be a little careful that we do not begin to sound like the noise-makers when they try to defend their craft. A local radio presenter recently asked. *What can we do to reduce the death toll on our roads*? The short term answer I gave them is of cour
Quiet fraternity never fall into this trap.

Ray Hattingh
Tel 400-3570

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