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RE: Noise, Nature, Politics, & Psychiatry

Come on, your are using Internet to say those kind of thing! Don't you
think that TV's, stereo's and lately Internet are some amazing media for
knowledge and expression, which I believe to be the keys for personal and
social development. Our society is dying from selfishness, and ignorance
is the fertilizer of this attitude.

Hmmm... TV has the potential to be a medium for knowledge and expression, 
but it has really just become a medium for bombarding the viewer with 
sensory stimulation. In this morning's paper there was an article about how 
children in Japan are suffering seizures as they are watching the latest 
cartoons with flashing lights and pounding music. The selfishness and 
ignorance you refer to are surely the byproducts, at least in part, of the 
death of silence and contemplation, not to mention the destruction of 
family life when normal human relations are replaced by electronic 

- Peter

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