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Re: Noise, Nature, Politics, & Psychiatry

>I think this problem really revolves aroung two things: intelligence and
>respect. People who are intelligent tend to think a lot more and are thus
>more likely to be disturbed by noise problems and other interferences with
>their thought processes. People who tend to be thoughtless probably have
>less of a problem with noise, as do those who use drugs and alcohol to
>blot out reality. 

jeez, Sean, do you really believe in that ?

Michael wrote:
>   Unfortunately, I think the proliferation of TVs and stereos has
>   done a lot to erode intelligence and promote mindlessness
>   in our society.   Back when I was a kid, mothers used to read
>   bed-time stories to pre-schoolers.  That did a lot to promote
>   literacy and verbal skills.  These days it's too easy to just set
>   'em down in front of the TV.

Come on, your are using Internet to say those kind of thing! Don't you
think that TV's, stereo's and lately Internet are some amazing media for
knowledge and expression, which I believe to be the keys for personal and
social development. Our society is dying from selfishness, and ignorance
is the fertilizer of this attitude. 

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