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Re: Question

JSaporito wrote:
> In a message dated 97-12-16 12:58:40 EST, rctinc@erols.com (Risk Control
> Technologies, Inc.) writes:
> << I think we'll all agree that airplane noise is going to happen, and if
>  you choose to live near an airport, well...  >>
> There are many problems with this way of thinking...
> Since 1989 there has been a massive increase flights.  ...And capacity is
> supposed to double by the year 2008, triple within 20 years.
> Airports, with only a couple of exceptions, like Denver, were built at or
> before the jet age.  At O'Hare in 1963, I think, operations were about 100,000
> with few night flights.  Now there are about 1,000,000, 24 hours, and they
> want to double it!
> We now know that noise (sound waves) at the level we receive, harms health,
> interferes with education and destroys structures to about 20 miles from a
> moderately busy airport.
> In the Chicago area, because O'Hare has seven runways built in a circumference
> there are few places to hide:  According to the FAA, the distance to live from
> an airport if you are bothered by noise, is 25 miles.  According to Airports
> Council International, the distance to live away from a flight path is 3-1/2
> miles on either side (seven miles).
> I have members that live 25 miles from an airport, who can't sleep at night.
> I have members who live 50 miles away from an airport, that can't breathe from
> the pollution.  It appears that people who are bothered by noise are also
> harmed by it physically.
> People who live near airports are unaware and uninformed.

Thanks for setting the record straight.  Funny, when I posted that line
I had a sneaking suspicion I was going to be re-educated -- guess I was
right.  Your point is a good one...my apologies for the disregard and

Bob S.

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