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RE: Free expression on mailing list


Thank you for bringing this up in a candid manner. Let me express some 
personal views.

The list is for the exchange of information and ideas that can lead to 
success in the struggle for a quieter world. Several things have to be 
taken into account in deciding what is and is not appropriate.

- The list is intended primarily for activists, i.e. those who want to take 
the ideas and information found here into the world and do something with 
them. Activists are busy people and most of them are probably not 
interested in flame wars, rhetoric, complaining, or anything else that does 
not point directly toward useful action.

- Because the world at large does tend to see us as neurotic cranks, and 
because (as has been pointed out in the past) this list is monitored by 
people who don't necessarily wish us well, we should be careful to present 
ourselves as rational beings who are seeking peaceful solutions.

- The people attracted to this list are likely to be a gentler type than 
might be found elsewhere.

Generally speaking, there are two schools of thought about where this list 
should go: expand hugely and be a free-for-all, or remain fairly small and 
stick to the purpose described above. In the first case, there would be 
less likelihood of spoilsports like me stepping in and making members feel 
their contributions are unwelcome (and no, I don't welcome suggestions of 
illegal or counterproductive behaviour). On the other hand, taking that 
road could make quiet-list less effective. To me it's the difference 
between a crowded cocktail party where everyone is talking at random, and a 
meeting that sticks to an agenda.

Let me stress that these are personal views. Although Right To Quiet 
sponsors this list, David S. has a free hand in moderating it.

Peter Donnelly
President, Right to Quiet Society

I'm writing this message in response to the fact that one of my posts got
bounced because of the use of foul language, and felt I would like to get a
debate going about this and about free expression on the group in general.

I am new to this group , and don't know how long it's been around or how it 
evolved over time, but I have to say that I have already received a private
e-mail message from someone who stated they felt that his views were not
welcome on this group, and that he felt that he had to be extra-sensitive 
certain topics, and thus was responding to one of my posts through private
e-mail only. Now I am confronted with having a message bounced because of 
language, and I have to say that I too, am beginning to feel that I have to
"walk on eggshells" to avoid offending people on this group, which is a
situation I am immensely uncomfortable with. If there are other people who 
intimidated or uncomfortable about expressing themselves here, then I think
that is a major problem.

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