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Re: Stop County from removing sound barrier?

Andrew, you will need to move quickly since momentum requires time to 
build.  I would recommend that you group together and raise hell in every 
conceivable way.  Make a list of all the people that might help - 
environmental authority, tree lovers, the local newspaper, the mayor, 
reporters on local radio, etc, etc.  Take photos of the trees, blow them 
up to 8 x 10 or larger and then go to each possible person.  (Black and
white photos for the newspapers.)  Put the information on your home page
and build it up into a story etc. (as a reference source for information).

Also, find out who made the decision and on what basis (it is often just
plain ol' "didn't realise that was going to be a problem".

For each person, tell them why you have come and ask for their assistance 

       (i) stop the problem or
      (ii) point to someone who can stop the problem

Always remember that the last thing they want to be know for is as a
"killer of trees" but it is often much better to talk quietly and 
sensibly at all times.  

Persistence is hugely important.

Andrew writes:
> My neighbors and I have a situation with a county road being 
> four-laned with a tremendous increase in traffic to a newly 
> constructed mall. The sound barrier tree line between us and this road 
> is being cut down by the county.  None of us are familiar with what 
> our rights are and what we can do about this problem.  
> Please help!   Thanks!
> My E-mail is andrewc@gate.net

      "Creativity and innovation are measured not by what is done,
           but by what could have been done ... but wasn't"

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