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Re: Re:200kb

Dear Friends,

> I would be very interested to read the proceeding entitled
> "Noise stress and airway toxicity: a prospect for experimental analysis".
> What shall I do to get it ?

Unfortunately I've received the abstracts I've sent to some of you
without having requested them. I would say it's been a gift from one of
the many friends one have thanks to the e-mail. Thus, I don't know
anything more than the information I've already sent. However, there are 
some information services around the world which could help you to get
a specific article provided that you tell them enough information, such as
the name of the journal, proceeding, transaction, etc., the issue (date,
volume, number), the author and the title of the desired paper. These
services will charge you a fee for sending a copy of the article. The fee
may be rather high (U$S 15 - 25, depending on the urgency). Try Current
Contents, or start a net search with Yahoo, Webcrawler or any other search
engine using the name of the publication as the key word until you get a
"snail-mail" or e-mail address where you can find out how to retrieve
the article. Sometimes you'll be lucky enough to be contacted with the
author, who will likely send you a copy for free. 

Best regards,

Federico Miyara

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