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RE: Pop Festival: Winchester, UK

John Darcy Evans wrote:

We (ie the local authority) rent out one of our stadiums for such events.
It's not too "engulfed" by residential areas and is within half a kilometre 
the sea, which helps.  However the letting Branch usually invokes our
specification which demands less than a 57dB, 10 minute LAeq at a point
roughly 900metres away.  We are in radio contact with the stadium
officials and (in theory!) the plug is pulled if they persistently exceed 
It seems to work quite well and the level of complaint is low under these

This is amazing -- at the present state of consciousness in Canada and (as 
far as I know) the U.S. it's inconceivable that such guidelines would even 
exist let alone be enforced by a local authority.

John, can you tell us more? Where are you? What authority made these 
specifications? How can one get a copy?

Peter Donnelly
President, Right to Quiet Society

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