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Re: Spokesperson for Quiet

In a message dated 97-11-18 02:45:31 EST, Nancy writes:

<< We're in the process of making our INAD '98 materials 
   right now.  Last year we made 5,000 magnets, 4,000 posters, 
   distributed 100,000 pairs of ear plugs >>

  I am kind of ambivalent about earplugs, even though I have 
  them myself.  I feel indignant about having to use them, 
  particularly in my own domicile.   They are no solution, but
  only a strategy of temporary relief from the noise onslaught.

  People should not be encouraged to think that all they need
  to do is wear earplugs.   Literature accompanying their
  distribution needs to emphasize that we shouldn't have to
  wear earplugs, while recognizing their regrettable necessity
  at the present time.  The most important goal is to conduct 
  and win a campaign against noise pollution.

     -- Michael Wright
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