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Re: Sony advertisement

In a message dated 97-11-21 10:08:21 EST, you write:

<< In today's edition of our local paper there's an advertisement 
from Sony headed "[Quasi-scientific formula] or 'We've had some 
complaints from the neighbours'." The text reads, in part, "Speakers. 
Not only will you get incredible enjoyment out of them, but so will 
everyone on your street....  >>

  These kinds of ads are significant and should be incorporated
  into political campaigns for a legal crackdown against noise
  profiteers.   This is the equivalent of tobacco companies telling
  people how great it would be to blow smoke in others' faces. 

  The Noise Pollution Clearinghouse needs to start collecting 
   these kinds of obnoxious ads.   Along those lines, I hope they
   saw the one I described earlier from the October issue of Car
   Stereo Review magazine.

   Are you willing to make photocopies of this ad and  mail them

         -- Michael Wright   
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