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Re: Spokesperson

"Risk Control" wrote:

If you select a "seasoned" star, e.g., Harrison Ford, Peter
> Ustinov, Patrick Stewart, you had better stick to someone with whom
> young folks identify. The older generation is rapidly being phased out,
> and that means the folks who have provided some level of protection
> against noise are soon to be replaced by younger people who think noise
> is a "non-issue."  If the right-to-quiet movement doesn't establish
> major credibility with the 30+ group sometime soon, the show's over.

I reply:

You're right about the need for a younger spokesperson. So let's all
consult our under-30 friends as to who their idols are (if they have any -
they're so cynical!).

But there is a ray of hope - when young people become parents, they start
to worry about the effects of the environment on their children. And noise
does harm children, as Arline Bronzaft has shown in her work. 


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