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The difficulty in acquiring a spokesperson for the cause will pale by
comparison to the reality of picking the wrong individual to lead the
charge.  If you select a "seasoned" star, e.g., Harrison Ford, Peter
Ustinov, Patrick Stewart, you had better stick to someone with whom
young folks identify. The older generation is rapidly being phased out,
and that means the folks who have provided some level of protection
against noise are soon to be replaced by younger people who think noise
is a "non-issue."  If the right-to-quiet movement doesn't establish
major credibility with the 30+ group sometime soon, the show's over.

I would focus on finding stars who easily identify with the 25 - 40 age
group; picking older persons -- unless they have huge impact with kids
-- is a losing proposition.  I remember reading on this list (Michael??)
about finding young starlets who could push the "quiet is cool -- I
can't stand little boys and their big noise" idea, and that is a
reasonable approach.  But as quiet issues comprise a variety of issues,
we'll need people from different backgrounds.  

One that jumps to mind is Robin Williams.  Most people find him
humorous, and the kids are gonna go nuts for his new movie.  He has
sincerity and credibility and might be willing to do his, "now boys and
girls, we all need to be a little quiet sometime so blah blah blah"

Bob S.

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