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RE: To the Editor


It's great to see you on quiet-list. Sorry my migration patterns didn't 
allow us to meet when you were in Seattle recently.

Some of the list members may be unaware of the wonderful work you do, so 
I'll put in a plug for http://aesop.rutgers.edu/~envscitc/noise.html.

Peter Donnelly
Right to Quiet Society

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November 16, 1997

To The Editor
The Home News and Tribune

To The Editor,

	Exposure to loud noise causes physiological, biochemical and psychological
alterations in healthy humans, all of which can be reproducibly 
in the laboratory and in the field. In fact, the pharmaceutical industry 
loud noise to elicit the stress response when testing stress-relief drugs.
Alexis Herman's letter "Fire-horn foes make unnecessary noise" (Nov. 16),
reflects the attitude that the public benefit of volunteer emergency squads
should outweigh the long-term public health impact of their use of an
unnecessary and antiquated technology.


Eric M. Zwerling,
77 4th St.
Somerset, NJ 08873

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