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Re: Metallica

Peter Donnelly wrote:
> At the risk of being sneered at again for being a goody-goody, I have to
> say that I find this type of discussion not only unhelpful but actually
> offensive and damaging to the purpose of quiet-list.
> I was really hoping the moderator would step in here, because this list
> will not serve any useful purpose if it becomes a forum for hostility and
> the promotion of violence. Noise is violence, and what I think most of us
> want is peace.
The lack of a sense of humor has proven most fascinating.  If someone
can't figure out that what was being bounced back and forth was in jest
then those someones's need to lighten up a wee bit.  As was mentioned in
David's post, a retraction -- if you will -- was issued and nothing has
been said regarding this matter until you brought it back up.  If,
however, you want to play at being elitist, that's your
prerogative...but I challenge you to find one time in history when a
serious form of violence was resolved with "peace" pure and simple (and
not as means to resolve isolated skirmishes of terroristic retaliation
or outright warfare). 

None of us on this list (I'll go out on a limb and say its 100%) want
anything more than "peace" but there are those who have advanced degrees
both academically and in the real world who have found that *wanting*
peace is not the same thing as getting it.  If you can resolve your
specific quiet problem with a "please and a thank-you" then I say "good
for you."  Its my guess, however, that most people are on this list
*because* please and thank-you ain't exactly getting it done.

Granted, strides have been made using diplomacy and I laud such efforts,
but you have to ask yourself whether we will ever solve boom-box noise
or similar forms of violent expression with diplomatic gestures of
goodwill. Here, I'll draw your attention to the mess in the Middle
East.  Sure, we're trying diplomatic efforts, but you can bet your
diamond cane that if we had the support of other nations and hadn't
allowed our military to slip into disrepair that we'd already be all
over Sadman by now instead of playing patty-cake with him.

Like it or not, there has always come a time in history when the
oppressed (that would be those bombarded by noise violence) have been
forced to stand up for themselves.  The means by which they accomplish
their goal may not always have been pretty, but in *real* life, the
poeple with the power don't relinquish it easily (observe the movie
industry and cigarettes where years of trying to eradicate the butts
from the screen have been a complete failure).  

If you choose to bury your heads in the sand and not download posts,
that is your choice -- and your right.  Frankly, I don't agree with you
either, but I've learned that tuning out what the other side (how
ridiculous that sounds in this forum) has to say is the greatest form of
ignorance and ultimately leads to missed opportunites for change.  So I
will listen to your effete pleas for peace and understanding and not be
especially critical -- sometimes your points and efforts are very well
thought out and worthy of implementation.  You do what you want.

Bob S.

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