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Second Conference on Acoustical Violence

Dear Friends,

I anounce now the Second International Multidisciplinary Conference on
Acoustical Violence to be held at Rosario, Argentina, from October 8 to
October 10, 1998.

The First Conference was so successful, taking into account that they were
organised in only three months, that the Committee has decided to organize
the second edition, now with nearly one year of time. We don't doubt that
the Second Conference will be even more successful, since there are
already many people from several countries who have said they would attend

October 10 has been designated as the Healthy Sound Environment Day by
Rosario's city council. Its first edition (1997) was not very successful,
since we were in an election time (Councellors and Deputies), and that
makes people to pay attention to political campaigns raather than quiet
ones! We hope to have a better covering next year, and some funds in order
to better organise it.

Another good news is that we are planning to give a National Award to
newspapers, magazines, radio and TV broadcasters, for their covering
of the noise issue during the 97-98 period, to be awarded in coincidence
with the Conference.

The idea is to stimulate mass media to cover that issue, and at the same
time to gather an interesting amount of noise information all around the
country (since media will have to submit their articles, information,
interviews, recordings or videos as proof of publication/broadcasting).

We are also designing (with the help of several electronics engineering
students) a giant (human-size) sound level meter to be placed successively
at several locations, with committee members or volunteers giving 
explanations and answering questions.

Best regards.

Fedrerico Miyara

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