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Re: Metallica

In a message dated 97-11-11 23:58:14 EST, Chris England

<< Metallica is a symbol for noise, not noise.  Many people thought 
  of Benny Goodman in the late 30's the same way.  Loud and 
  raucous horns and drums.  No let us be tolerant! >>

  These kinds of arguments really leave me cold.  I really
  doubt if Benny Goodman gave outdoor concerts which could
  be heard for miles by people who didn't care to listen.  The
  amplifiers in his day just weren't that powerful.   People who
  didn't like him were not forced to hear him.

  Nobody on this list wants to make it a crime to listen to
  trashy rock bands (whose musical skill levels in no way
  can be compared to Benny Goodman and his contemporaries.)
  We object to the noise being imposed on others.  We also 
  think that rock lovers should be educated as to the risk of 
  hearing impairment, so they will at least be making an
  informed choice when they decide to let their hearing hair 
  cells be destroyed.

   -- Michael Wright 
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